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Quick Couplings

 Quick Couplings

The quick couplings can assemble different kinds of attachments (such as grip, bucket, breaker and shear) to the excavator, so as to enlarge the working area of the excavator, save time and improve working efficiency.

Electronic Drive System
Check Valve Protection System
Safety Pin Protection System

Specifications of Quick Couplings
Model Fixed type Free type
Item SP-08F SP-10F SP-14F SP-mini SP-02P SP-04P SP-06P SP-08P
Weight Kg 280-290 420-450 480-550 30-40 50-60 80-100 120-130 280-290
Length mm 909-924 967-1015 976-1143 306-475 490-540 610-640 780-800 880-910
Height mm 465 514 558-610 230-268 260-280 330-340 380-390 440-450
Width mm 468-483 518-554 606-663 175-245 270-285 330-340 370-400 470-490
Pin Distance mm 460-480 420-540 520-590 86-200 230-280 260-310 360-390 440-475
Hookup distance mm 460-500 480-600 520-600 85-140 85-285 240-300 380-425 460-500
Maximum stroke cylinder distance mm 463-488 470-560 520-590 90-200 230-280 260-310 360-390 440-475
Pin diameter ø 70-80 80-90 90-120 25-40 45-50 50-60 50-70 70-80
Excavator ton 17-23 23-30 33-45 1.5-4 4-7 5-8 9-19 17-23

Product Introduction
We can design and produce quick hitches for various brands of excavators according to customers’’ requirement. Quick hitch can be used on the excavators to change every accessory (such as bucket, breaker, shear, etc.) easily and quickly, which has enlarged the use scope of the excavators and a lot of time.
Attaching HMB Quick Coupler to an excavator takes only ten seconds, enhancing the working efficiency of excavator.

Our Advantages
(1). One Body Design
The coupler structure is designed into processing one-body type rather than welding assembled type, it is said that no welding between Middle and Bottom Plate provides evenly distributed stress points, increasing durability 10 times more than the coupler with welded parts. Completely solve the most worrying welding cracks and damage of body in the large equipment.
(2). Versatility
The diversity design can enable one coupler for multiple brand of equipments within the same excavator weight class, meanwhile, the versatility also make sure picking up the widest range of attachments such as buckets, rippers, especially strong in demolition attachments such as hammers, crushers, shears by making the advantage from both free type and fixed type DLK model.
(3). Double Safety System
A switch in the cab enables you to have the safety pin in its “lock” or “release” position effortlessly. Therefore, you needn’t getting off the cab.
A revolution technology to turn on and off the Safety Pin is not by oil-pressure but rather by using an excavator’s battery-powered electrical system.
(4). Competitive Price
As an actual manufacturer, we are able to offer a wide variety of QUICK HITCH and spare parts to our customers with own advanced equipment and technology, and we can play a manufacturer’s advantage to provide full support to our royal customers include very competitive prices, after-sale service, delivery time and advertising and so on.

Our Services
1. Manufacturer: as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic attachments on excavator and its spare parts, we provide full support to our customers includes competitive price, after-sale services, fast delivery and etc.
2. Lead time: we have a great deal of products and spare parts in stock. On leading time we have big advantages as a manufacuturer, usually in 7-10 days after order confirmation.
3. Package: the goods are packed in strong fumigated wooden cases. They could also packed according to customers' request.